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Afshar, TessaBread of AngelsPEO
Afshar, TessaThief of CorinthPEO
Afshin-Jam, NazaninThe Tale of Two NazaninsBIO
Albom, MitchTuesdays with MorrieBIO
Albom, MitchThe First Phone Call From HeavenAF
Alcorn, RandyDeadlineAF
Alcorn, RandyDeceptionAF
Alcorn, RandyCourageousAF
Alcorn, RandyHeavenINS
Alcorn, RandyQuiet Moments with GodINS
Aldrich, SandraLiving Through the Loss of SomeoneGRI
Alexander, HannahSacred Trust Book 1AF
Alexander, HannahSolemn Oath Book 2AF
Alexander, HannahSilent Pledge Book 3AF
Alexander, JahnnieWhere She BelongsAF
Alexander, ShaunTouchdown AlexanderBIO
Alexander, TameraChristmas at CarntonAF
Allen, Holly Catterton/ C.L. RossIntergenerational Christian FormationCL
Anderson, Dr. ReggieAppointments with HeavenTRU
Andrews, MesuLove Amid the AshesPEO
Andrews, MesuMiriamPEO
Ash, ClaytonThe War YearsGEN
Austin, LynnAll She Ever WantedAF
Bacher, June MastersLove's Soft WhisperAF
Bacher, June MastersLove's Beautiful DreamAF
Bacher, June MastersLove Is a Gentle StrangerAF
Baer, JudyJenny's StoryAF
Barnes, EmilieMinute Meditations for WomenINS
Barrick, LindaMiracle for JenBIO
Bary, RifqaHiding in the LightTRU
Bauman, Dr. CherylJust Say It!SH
Beam, Christy WilsonMiracles From HeavenTRU
Bell, James ScottThe Whole TruthAF
Bell, James ScottDeadlockAF
Bell, James ScottA Greater GloryAF
Bell, James ScottTry DarknessAF
Belz, MindyThey Say We Are InfidelsTRU
Bergen, Lisa TawnThe Captain's Bride Book 1AFNorthern Lights
Bergen, Lisa TawnDeep Harbour Book 2AFNorthern Lights
Bergen, Lisa TawnMidnight Sun Book 3AFNorthern Lights
Berry, BarbaraThe Killing FrostBIO
Berry, Barbara SmithMama's GardenBIO
Beth WisemanAn Amish ChristmasAF
Bierle, Dr. DonSurprised by FaithINS
Black, Capt. DaleFlight to HeavenTRU
Blackstock, TerriSouthern Storm, Book 2AFCape Refuge series
Blackstock, TerriRiver's Edge, Book 3AFCape Refuge series
Blackstock, TerriBreaker's Reef, Book 4AFCape Refuge series
Blackstock, TerriIf I Run Book 1AFIf I Run series
Blackstock, TerriIf I'm Found Book 2AFIf I Run series
Blackstock, TerriIf I live, book 3AFIf I Run Series
Blackstock, Terri Truth Stained Lies, Book 1AFMoonlighter Series
Blackstock, Terri Distortion Book 2AFMoonlighters
Blackstock, TerriTwisted Innocence Book 3AFMoonlighters
Blackstock, TerriLast Light Book 1AFRestoration
Blackstock, TerriNight Light Book 2AFRestoration
Blackstock, TerriTrue Light Book3AFRestoration
Blackstock, TerriDawn's Light Book 4AFRestoration
Blackstock, TerriCovenant ChildAF
Blackstock, TerriShadow In SerenityAF
Blackstock, TerriCape Refuge Book 1AF
Blackwell, LawanaThe Widow of Larkspur InnAF
Blackwell, LawanaThe Courtship of the Vicar's DaughterAF
Blackwell, LawanaThe Dowry of Miss Lydia clarkAF
Blair, MauryChild of WoeTRU
Bly, StephenPaperback WriterAF
Boeshaar, AndreaKeepeers of the LightAF
Boeshaar, AndreaThe PaintingAF
Boeshaar, AndreaWildflower BridesAF
Bonisteel, RoyThere Was a TimeBIO
Bortolotti, DanHope in Hell, Drs. Without BordersGEN
Boyd, WendyHiram & Jonas the Story of One TwinTRU
Braestrup, KateHere If You Need MeTRU
Brandt, Leslie F.Phophets/NowINS
Brandt, Leslie F.Epistles/NowINS
Brandt, Leslie F.Jesus/NowINS
Brandt, Leslie F.Heaven/NowINS
Bright, VonetteRound the CournerAF
Brock, JaredLiving PrayerfullyINS
Brouwer, SigmundThe Weeping chamberPEO
Brower, SigmundThe Orphan KingAF
Brower, SigmundOut of the ShadowsAF
Brower, SigmundBroken AngelAF
Brunstetter, WandaThe Beloved Christmas QuiltAF
Brunstetter, Wanda E,The Hope JarAF
Brunstetter, Wanda E.White Christmas PieAF
Brunstetter, Wanda E.Half-Stitched Amish Quilting ClubAF
Bryant, M. DarrolOut of GalileeINS
Buchanan, MarkThings UnseenINS
Buechner, FrederickThe Sacred JourneyINS
Buechner, FrederickOn the Road with the ArchangelINS
Buechner, FrederickThe Longing for HomeINS
Buechner, FrederickNow & ThenINS
Bunn, DavisLion of BabylonAF
Bunn, DavisRare EarthAF
Bunn, DavisThe Great DivideAF
Bunn, DavisThe Patmos DeceptionAF
Burkhardt, FerneA Mighty FloodHIS
Burnham, GraciaIn the Presence of my EnemiesINS
Burns, John and HelenWhat Dads/What Moms Need to KnowSH
Burpo, ToddHeaven is for Real x 2INS
Burpo, Todd & SonjaHeaven Changes EverythingINS
Burrows, MillarThe Dead Sea ScrollsHIS
Callahan, Kennon L.Building for Effective MissionST
Callwood, JuneTwelve Weeks in SpringINS
Calvert, CandaceRescue TeamAFGrace Medical
Calvert, CandaceTrauma PlanAF
Calvert, CandaceCritical Care Book 1AF
Calvert, CandaceDisaster Status Book 2AF
Calvert, CandaceCode Triage Book 3AF
Calvert, CandaceStep by StepAF
Campbell, Jean G.A Lovely Story!HIS
Canfield, JackChicken Soup/Grieving SoulGRI
Canfield, JackChicken Soup/Country SoulINS
Cantore, JaniceAbducted Book 2AFPacific Coast Justice
Cantore, JaniceAvenged Book 3AFPacific Coast Justice
Cantore, JaniceVisible Threat Book 2AFVeteran Police Officer
Cantore, JaniceCritical Pursuit Book 1AFVeteran Police Officer
Card, MichaelThe Parable of JoyINS
Carlson, MelodyHere's to FriendsAF
Carlson, MelodyA Simple Christmas WishAF
Carlson, MelodyChristmas TailsAF
Carlson, Paula J.Listening for GodINS
Carpenter, Kim & KrickittThe VowBIO
Carter, JimmyTalking PeaceGEN
Caughey, EllenEric LiddellHIS
Chaikin, LindaSilk Book 1AFHeart of India
Chaikin, LindaUnder Eastern Stars Book 2AFHeart of India
Chaikin, LindaKingscote Book 3AFHeart of India
Chaikin, LindaGolden Palaces Book 2AFRoyal Pavilions
Chaikin, LindaBehind the Veil Book 3AFRoyal Pavilions
Chaikin, LindaSwords and Sciitars Book 1AFRoyal Pavilions
Chaikin, LindaEmpire BuildersAF
Chaikin, LindaWinds of AlleglianceAF
Chapman, GaryThe Four Seasons of MarriageSH
Clark, Mindy StarnsThe Trouble with TulipsAF
Clark, Mindy StarnsBlinds Dates can be MurderAF
Clark, Mindy StarnsEchoes of TitanicAF
Clark, Mindy StarnsUnder the Cajun MoonAF
Clinton, Hillary RodhamIt Takes a VillageINS
Cloud, Dr. HenryGod Will Make a WayINS
Cloughen, The Rev. Charles Jr.One Minute Stewardship SermonsST
Coble, ColleenThe View from Rainshadow Bay Bk 1AFLavender Tides series
Coble, ColleenThe House at Saltwater Point Bk 2AFLavender Tides series
Coble, ColleenGold Rush ChristmasAF
Coble, ColleenLonestar AngelAF
Coble, ColleenButterfly PalaceAF
Coghill, RuthWoman of Worth with DVDSTU
Collins, RobertButter Down the WellBIO
Cooper, KenHeld HostageBIO
Copeland, LoriJuneAF
Cossette, ConnilynCounted With the StarsPEO
Cote, LynHonorAF
Countryman, JackThe Hope of ChristmasINS
Coutts, PeterChoosing ChangeRES
Cowley, DeborahOne Woman's Journey x 2BIO
Cramer, W. DaleBad GroundAF
Cross, Donna WoolfolkPope JoanAF
Cushman, KathrynA Promise to RememberAF
Cushman, KathrynChasing HopeAF
Cushman, KathrynAnother DawnAF
Cushman, KathrynFading StarlightAF
Dallas, BillLessons from San QuentinBIO
Darlington, C.J.Thicker Than BloodAF
Davison, SaraThe WatcherAF
Dawson, DonnaVengeanceAF
DeBoer, KarenHome GrownPAR
Dekker, TedHeaven's Wager Book 1AFMartyr's Song
Dekker, TedThunder of Heaven AFMartyr's Song
Dekker, TedSaintAF
del Mastro, M.L. All the Women of the BiblePEO
den Otter, A.A.Preserving Your HeritageHIS
Dengler, SandyDublin CrossingAF
Dengler, SandyThe Shamrock ShoreAF
Donaldson, Ross I. M.D.The Lassa WardGEN
Dorr, Roberta DellsAbraham and SarahPEO
Dorr, Roberta KellsThe sons of IsaacPEO
Dorrell, LindaTrue BeliversAF
Dow, SharonAntipas: Martyr X 2PEO
Dow, SharonPergamum: Satan's ThronePEO
Dow, SharonHuldah:ProphetessPEO
Dow, SharonSapphira:UnveiledPEO
Dow, SharonShining LightINS
Dow, SharonHope for JennyAF
Downie, PeterFresh AirGEN
Downie, PeterHealers at WorkGEN
Dylan, RachelDeadly ProofAF
Eason, LynetteOath of Honor, Book 1AFBlue Justice Series
Eason, LynetteCalled to Protect, Book 2AFBlue Justice Series
Eason, LynetteWhen the Smoke Clears Book 1AFDeadly Reunions
Eason, LynetteWhen a Heart Stops Book 2AFDeadly Reunions
Eason, LynetteAlways Watching Book 1AFElite Guardians
Eason, LynetteDon't Look Back Book 2AFWomen of Justice
Eddy, Dr. Earl B.Altar StepsINS
Elam, JasonMonday Night Jihad Book 1AFRiley C. Thriller
Elam, JasonBlown Coverage Book 2AFRiley C. Thriller
Elam, JasonBlack-Out Book 3AFRiley C. Thriller
Elam, JasonInside Threat Book 4AFRiley C. Thriller
Eldredge, StasiDefiant JoyINS
Elliot, ElisabethThrough Gates of SplendorBIO
Elliot, MataForgivin' ain't Forgettin'AF
Ellis, LindaThe DashINS
Everhart, RuthRuinedTRU
Everson, Eva MarieShadows of LightAF
Everson, Eva MarieSlow Moon RisingAF
Fischer, JohnSaint BenAF
Flinchbaugh, C. HopeAcross the China SkyAF
Foster, Sharon EwellPassing by SamariaAF
Fraser, Brian J.Church, College, and ClergyHIS
Gabhart Ann H.Orchard of Hope Book 2AFHeart of Hollyhill
Gabhart Ann H.The Scent of Lilacs Book 1AFHeart of Hollyhill
Gabhart, Ann H.Summer of Joy Book 3AFHeart of Hollyhill
Gardener, Carre ArmstrongThey Danced On, Book 1AFDarling Family
Gardener, Carre ArmstrongBetter All the Time, Book 2AFDarling Family
Gardener, Carre ArmstrongAll Riglht Here, Book 3AFDarling Family
George, ElizabethA Woman's Walk with God x 2INS
Girzone, Joseph F.JoshuaAF
Girzone, Joseph F.Joshua and the SheperdAF
Girzone, Joseph F.Joshua in the Holy LandAF
Gladwell, JoyceBrown Face, Big MasterBIO
Gladwell, MalcolmWhat the Dog SawGEN
Gladwell, MalcolmBlinkGEN
Gladwell, MalcolmThe Tipping PointGEN
Gladwell, MalcolmDavid and GoliathGEN
Gohlke, CathyThe MedallionAF
Gohlke, CathySecrets She KeptAF
Gordon, AquanettaEchoes of an AngelTRU
Gray, AliceGentle is a Grandmother's LoveINS
Gregory, DavidDinner with a Perfect StrangerAF
Groot, TracyThe Brother's KeeperPEO
Groot, TracyThe Stones of my AccusersPEO
Grote, Joann A.Minnesota MysteriesAF
Gunn, Robin JonesSisterchicks in Wooden Shoes!AF
Gunn, Robin JonesSisterchicks Down UnderAF
Gunn, Robin JonesSisterchicks do the Hula!AF
Gunn, Robin JonesSisterchicks Say Ooh La La!AF
Gunn, Robin JonesSisterchicks on the Loose!AF
Gunn, Robin JonesUntil TomorrowAF
Gunn, Robin JonesGardenias for BreakfastAF
Gutteridge, IreneStorm Gathering, Book 1AF
Gutteridge, IreneThe Splitting Storm Book 2AF
Gutteridge, IreneStorm Surge Book 3AF
Hadley, LeanneTouching HeavenINS
Hall, LindaDark Water, Book 1AFFog Point
Hall, LindaBlack Ice, Book 2AFFog Point
Hall, LindaSadie's SongAF
Hall, LindaSteal AwayAF
Halter, MarkZipporah, Wife of MosesPEO
Halter, MarkLilahPEO
Hannon, IreneAgainst all Odds Book 1AFHeroes of Quantico
Hannon, IreneAn Eye for an Eye Book 2 X 2AFHeroes of Quantico
Hannon, IreneIn Harm's Way Book 3AFHeroes of Quantico
Hannon, IreneThin Ice Book 2AFMen of Valor
Hannon, IreneBuried Secrets Book 1AFMen of Valor
Hannon, IreneTangled Webs Book 3AFMen of Valor
Hannon, IreneVanished Book 1AFPrivate Justice
Hannon, IreneTrapped Book 2AFPrivate Justice
Hannon, IreneLethal Legacy Book 3AFPrivate Justice
Hannon, IreneFatal Judgment Book 4AFPrivate Justice
Hannon, IreneThat Certain SummerAF
Hannon, IreneSea Rose LaneAF
Hanon, IreneStarfish PierAFHope Harbour Novel
Harris RN, TrudyGlimpses of HeavenINS
Harris, LisaMissing, Book 2AFThe Nikki Boyd Files series
Harris, LisaVendetta, Book 1AFThe Nikki Boyd Files series
Harris, LisaPursued, Book 3AFThe Nikki Boyd Files series
Hart, JudyLove, JudyINS
Healy, ErinHouse of MercyAF
Hedegard, DabneyWhen God IntervenesINS
Heintzmann, KristenHonor's Pledge Book 1AFRocky Mountain
Heintzmann, KristenHonor's Price Book 2AFRocky Mountain
Heintzmann, KristenHonor's Quest Book 3AFRocky Mountain
Heintzmann, KristenHonor's Disguise Book 4AFRocky Mountain
Heintzmann, KristenHonor's Reward Book 5AFRocky Mountain
Heintzmann, KristenSecrets Book 1AF
Heintzmann, KristenUnforgotten Book2AF
Heintzmann, KristenEchoes Book 3AF
Heintzmann, KristenSweet BoundlessAF
Heintzmann, KristenHalosAF
Heintzmann, KristenFreefallAF
Heintzmann, KristenThe Rose legacyAF
Heintzmann, KristenThe Breath of DawnAF
Heintzmann, KristenIndivisible Book 1AF
Heintzmann, KristenIndelible Book 2AF
Henderson, DeeTraces of Guilt Book 1AFCold Case
Henderson, DeeThreads of Suspicion Book 2AFCold Case
Henderson, DeeThe Negotiator Book 1AFO'Malley
Henderson, DeeThe Guardian Book 2AFO'Malley
Henderson, DeeThe Truthseeker Book 3AFO'Malley
Henderson, DeeThe Protector Book 4AFO'Malley
Henderson, DeeThe Healer Book 5AFO'Malley
Henderson, DeeThe Rescuer Book 6AFO'Malley
Henderson, DeeTrue Devotion Book 1AFUncommon Heroes
Henderson, DeeTrue Valor Book 2AFUncommon Heroes
Henderson, DeeTrue Honor Book 3AFUncommon Heroes
Henderson, DeeTrue Courage Book 4AFUncommon Heroes
Henderson, DeeThe WitnessAF
Henderson, DeeBefore I WakeAF
Henderson, DeeFull DisclosureAF
Henderson, DeeDanger in the ShadowsAF
Henderson, DeeTakenAF
Herman, KathyFalse Pretenses Book 1AFRoux River Bayou
Herman, KathyDangerous Mercy Book 2AFRoux River Bayou
Herman, KathyRelentless Pursuit Book 3AFRoux River Bayou
Herman, KathyNever Look BackAFUncommon Heroes
Herman, KathyNot By Sight AF
Herriot, JamesEvery Living ThingGEN
Herriot, JamesAll Things Bright and BeautifulGEN
Higley, Tracy L.Isle of ShadowsAF
Hitchcock, Mark8 Minutes to Digital WinterAF
Holmes, GinaWings of GlassAF
Holmes, GinaDry as RainAF
Hook, HarveyThe Power of an Ordinary LifeINS
Hunt, AngelaShe Always Wore Red Book 2AF
Hunt, AngelaShe's in a Better Place Book 3AF
Hunt, AngelaEgypt's SisterPEO
Hunt, AngelaJerusalem's QueenPEO
Hunt, AngelaJudah's WifePEO
Hunt, AngelaKing's ShadowPEO
Hunt, Angela Doesn't she Look Natural? Book 1AF
Hunt, Angela ElwellJourneyAF
Hunt, Angela ElwellBrothersAF
Hunt, Angela ElwellDreamersAF
Hunter, DeniseThe Wishing SeasonAF
Huntsperger, LarryThe FishermanAF
Hybels, BillThe Power of a WhisperINS
Hybels, LynneNice Girls don't Change the WorldINS
Ivie, BrianThe Drop BoxTRU
Jackson, NetaWho Do I Talk To? Book 2AFHouse of Hope
Jackson, NetaWhere Do I Go? Book 1AFHouse of Hope
Jackson, NetaWho Do I Lean On? Book 3AFHouse of Hope
Jacobs, CindyThe Voice of GodINS
Jagears, MelissaA Heart Most CertainAF
James. StevenPlaceboAF
Jenkins, Jerry B.The BrotherhoodAF
Jenkins, Jerry B.The BetrayalAF
Jenkins, Jerry B.The Last OperativeAF
Jenkins, Jerry B.The BreakthroughAF
Jensen, MargaretThe Sun is Shining on the Other SideBIO
Jeremiah, DavidMy Heart's DesireGRI
Johnson, AbbyUnplannedBIO
Johnson, Margaret WoodsWe Lived With DyingGRI
Johnson, Todd M.Critical ReactionAF
Jones, AnnieThe SnowbirdsAF
Karon, Jan A New Song Book 5AFMitford
Karon, JanAt Home in Mitford Book 1AFMitford
Karon, JanA Light in the Window Book 2AFMitford
Karon, JanThese High Green Hills Book 3AFMitford
Karon, JanOut to Canaan Book 4AFMitford
Karon, JanIn This Mountain Book Book 7AFMitford
Karon, JanA Common Life Book 6AFMitford
Karon, JanLight From Heaven Book 9AFMitford
Karon, JanHome to Holly Springs Book 10AFMitford
Karon, JanIn the Company of Others Book 11AFMitford
Karon, JanShepherds Abiding Book 8AF
Karon, JanSomewhere Safe with Somebody Good 12AF
Karon, JanPatches of GodlightINS
Karon, JanCome Rain or Come ShineAF
Karon, Jan To Be Where You Are Book 14AFMitford Series
Keller, W. PhillipA Sheperd Looks at Psalm 23INS
Kelly, LeishaEmma's GiftAF
Kelly, LeishaRachel's PrayerAF
Kendidg, RonieNightshade Book 1AFDiscarded Heroes
Kendidg, RonieDigitalis Book 2AFDiscarded Heroes
Kendidg, RonieWolfsbane Book 3AFDiscarded Heroes
Kendidg, RonieFirethorn Book 4AFDiscarded Heroes
Kendig, RonieRaptor 6 Book 1 AFQuiet Professionals
Kendig, RonieHawk Book 2AFQuiet Professionals
Kendig, RonieFalcon Book 3AFQuiet Professionals
Kendig, RonieConspiracy of Silence, Book 1AFThe Tox Files series
Kennedy, D. JamesWhy I BelieveINS
Kimbrough, Marjorie L.One More MiracleINS
Kingsbury, KarenOne Tuesday Morning Book 1AF9/11
Kingsbury, KarenBeyond Tuesday Morning Book 2AF9/11
Kingsbury, KarenEvery Now and Then Book 3AF9/11
Kingsbury, KarenTake One Book 1AFAbove the Line
Kingsbury, KarenTake Two Book 2AFAbove the Line
Kingsbury, KarenTake Three Book 3AFAbove the Line
Kingsbury, KarenTake Four Book 4AFAbove the Line
Kingsbury, KarenAngels Walking Book 1AFAngels Walking
Kingsbury, KarenChasing Sunsets Book 2AFAngels Walking
Kingsbury, KarenBrush of Wings Book 3AFAngels Walking
Kingsbury, KarenLeaving Book 1AFBailey Flanigan
Kingsbury, KarenLearning Book 2AFBailey Flanigan
Kingsbury, KarenLonging, Book 3AFBailey Flanigan series
Kingsbury, KarenLoving, Book 4AFBailey Flanigan series
Kingsbury, KarenFame Book 1AFFirstborn
Kingsbury, KarenForgiven Book 2AFFirstborn
Kingsbury, KarenFound Book 3AFFirstborn
Kingsbury, KarenFamily Book 4AFFirstborn
Kingsbury, KarenForever Book 5AFFirstborn
Kingsbury, KarenRedemption Book 1AFRedemption
Kingsbury, KarenRemember Book 2AFRedemption
Kingsbury, KarenReturn Book 3AFRedemption
Kingsbury, KarenRejoice Book 4AFRedemption
Kingsbury, KarenReunion, Book 5AFRedemption
Kingsbury, KarenSunrise Book 1AFSunrise
Kingsbury, KarenSummer Book 2AFSunrise
Kingsbury, KarenSomeday Book 3AFSunrise
Kingsbury, KarenSunset Book 4AFSunrise
Kingsbury, KarenLove Story, Book 1AFThe Baxter Family series
Kingsbury, KarenIn This Moment, Book 2AFThe Baxter Family series
Kingsbury, KarenTime to Dance Book 1AFWomen of Faith
Kingsbury, KarenTime to Embrace Book 2AFWomen of Faith
Kingsbury, KarenEven Now AF
Kingsbury, KarenEver AfterAF
Kingsbury, KarenA Moment of WeaknessAF
Kingsbury, KarenWaiting for MorningAF
Kingsbury, KarenLike Dandelion DustAF
Kingsbury, KarenThis Side of HeavenAF
Kingsbury, KarenDivineAF
Kingsbury, KarenJust Beyond the CloudsAF
Kingsbury, KarenUnlockedAF
Kingsbury, KarenOn Every SideAF
Kingsbury, KarenShades of BlueAF
Kingsbury, KarenBetween SundaysAF
Kingsbury, KarenHalfway to ForeverAF
Kingsbury, KarenTo The Moon and BackAF
Kingsbury, KarenThe Friends of JesusPEO
Kirkpatrick, JaneAll Together in One PlaceAF
Kirkpatrick, JaneWhat Once We LovedAF
Kirsch, JonathanMoses, A LifePEO
Klempa, LoisCertain Women Amazed UsINS
Kraus, HarryA Heartveat AwayAF
Kraus, HarryThe ChairmanAF
Kraus, HarrySerenityAF
Kraus, HarryMercyAF
Kraus, Jim and TerriThe ChoosingAF
Kubassek, BenSucceed Without BurnoutINS
Kubler-Ross, ElisabethOn Death and Dying x 2GRI
Kubler-Ross, ElisabethOn Death and Dying Q&AGRI
LaHaye, TimSoul HarvestAF
Larson, BruceWhat God Wants to KnowINS
Law, AlvinAlvin's Laws of LifeGEN
LeClerc, SergeUntwistedBIO
Leeland, JeffOne Small SparrowINS
Leigh DeMoss, NancyChoosing GratitudeINS
Leigh, TamaraFaking GraceAF
L'Engle, MadeleineGenesis TrilogyAF
L'Engle, MadeleinePenguins and Golden CalvesGEN
Lenzkes, SusanWhen Life Takes What MattersINS
Leon, BonnieWings of PromiseAF
Lesslie, Robert D, MDAngels in the ERTRU
Lesslie, Robert D, MDAngels and HeroesTRU
Lesslie, Robert D, MDAngels on the Night ShiftTRU
Lesslie, Robert D, MDAngels on CallTRU
Lessman, JulieA Heart RevealedAF
Lester, JuliusDo Lord Remember MeAF
Lewis, BeverleyThe Shunning Book 1AF
Lewis, BeverlyThe Shunning Book 1AFAbram's Daughter
Lewis, BeverlyThe Covenant Book 1AFAbram's Daughter
Lewis, BeverlyThe Betrayal, Book 2AFAbram's Daughter
Lewis, BeverlyThe Sacrifice Book 3AFAbram's Daughter
Lewis, BeverlyThe Prodigal Book 4AFAbram's Daughter
Lewis, BeverlyThe Preacher's Daughter Book 1AFAnnie's People
Lewis, BeverlyThe Englisher Book 2AFAnnie's People
Lewis, BeverlyThe Reckoning Book 3AFLancaster County
Lewis, BeverlyThe confession Book 2AFLancaster County
Lewis, BeverlyThe Redemption of Sarah CainAF
Lewis, BeverlyThe CrossroadAF
Lewis, BeverlyThe PostcardAF
Lewis, BeverlyOctober SongAF
Lewis, Beverly & DavidSanctuaryAF
Lewis, C.S.Letters to ChildrenGEN
Lewis, C.S.A Grief ObservedGRI
Lichti, RobertA Joy Kept SilentBIO
Lindquist, N.J.Second Cup of Hot Apple CiderINS
Lindquist, N.J.Second Cup of Hot Apple CiderINS
Ling, ChaiA Heart for FreedonBIO
Locke, Thomas Flash Point Book 2AFFault Lines
Longstaff, AlisonHeaven SentAF
Lott, BretA Song I Knew by HeartAF
Lucado, MaxSix Hours One FridayINS
Lucado, MaxWhen Christ ComesINS
Lucado, MaxTraveling LightINS
Lucado, MaxGrace for the MomentINS
Lucado, MaxOn The AnvilINS
Lucado, MaxFacing Your GiantsINS
Lucado, MaxA Gentle ThunderINS
Lucado, MaxHe Chose the NailsINS
Lucado, MaxCome ThirstyINS
Lucado, MaxNext Door SaviourINS
Lucado, MaxIn The Eye of the StormINS
Lucado, MaxWhen God Whispers Your NameINS
Lucado, MaxNo Wonder They Call Him The SaviorINS
Lucado, MaxThe Applause of HeavenINS
Lucado, MaxOut Live Your LifeINS
Lucado, Max3:16 The Numbers of HopeINS
Lucado, MaxCome ThirstyINS
Lucado, MaxFearlessINS
Ludwig, ElizabethNo Safe Harbor Book 1AFEdge of Freedom
MacDonald, GordonWho Stole my ChurchINS
MacKall, Dandi DaleyWith Love, Wherever You AreAF
Macomber, DebbieOne Simple ActINS
Mainse, DavidSaltINS
Marshall, CatherineTo Live AgainBIO
Marshall, CatherineSomething MoreINS
Marshall, CatherineAdventures in PrayerINS
Marshall, CatherineBeyond Our SelvesINS
Marshall, PaulTheir Blood Cries OutGEN
Martin, CharlesWrapped in RainAF
Martin, CharlesLong Way GoneAF
Martin, James, SJBetween Heaven and MirthTRU
Martin, Marty & MicahThe Promise of WinterINS
Martin, Rev. John D.I Can't Stop CryingGRI
McAndless, W. ScottCaesar's census, God's JubileeINS
McCusker, PaulEpiphanyAF
McLaren, Brian D.The Great Spiritual MigrationINS
Meeder, KimBlind HopeINS
Mehl, NancyInescapable Book1AFRoad to Kingdom
Meissner, SusanWidows & OrphansAF
Meissner, SusanSticks & StonesAF
Meissner, SusanDays & HoursAF
Meissner, SusanWhy the Sky is BlueAF
Mellonie, BryanLifetimesGRI
Meyer, JoyceLook Great, Feel GreatSH
Meyer, Ruth SmithNot Easily BrokenAF
Meyer, Ruth SmithNot Far From The TreeAF
Mill, DiAnnThe Chase AF
Miller, JudithWhispers Along the RailsAF
Miller, JudithThe Chapel Car BrideAF
Mills, DiAnnBreach of ThrustAF
Mitsch, Raymond R.Grieving the Loss of Someone You LoveGRI
Moir, John S.Gifts and GracesBIO
Moir, John S.Enduring WitnessHIS
Moore, BethJesus, the One and OnlyINS
Morgan, CindyBarefoot on Barbed WireINS
Morley, PatrickUnderstanding Your Man in the MirrorSH
Morris, GilbertOver the Misty Mountains Book 1AFSpirit of Appalachia
Morris, GilbertBeyond the Quiet Hills Book 2AFSpirit of Appalachia
Morris, GilbertThe Sword of Truth Book 1AFWakefield Dynasty
Morris, GilbertThe Winds of God Book 2AFWakefield Dynasty
Morris, GilbertThe Shield of Honor Book 3AFWakefield Dynasty
Morris, GilbertThe Fields of Glory Book 4AFWakefield Dynasty
Morris, GilbertThe Ramparts of Heaven Book 5AFWakefield Dynasty
Morris, GilbertThe Song of Princes Book 6AFWakefield Dynasty
Moser, NancyThe Sister Circle Book 1AFSister Circle
Moser, NancyRound the Courner Book 2AFSister Circle
Moser, Nancy An Undivided Heart Book 3AFSister Circle
Moser, NancyA Place to Belong Book 4AFSister Circle
Moser, NancySolemnly SwearAF
Mueller, WayneSabbathINS
Musser, ElizabethThe Swan HouseAF
Mynheir, MarkRolling Thunder Book 1AFTruth Chasers
Mynheir, MarkBelly of the Dragon Book 2AFTruth Chasers
Mynheir, MarkThe Void Book 3AFTruth Chasers
Mynheir, MarkThe Night WatchmanAF
Nappa, JohnStorm Warriors Book 1AF
Neal, Mary C. MDTo Heaven and BackBIO
Newport, OliviaThe Pursuit of Lucy BanningAF
Newport, OliviaColors of ChristmasAF
Nimmo, BethRachel's TearsBIO
Noel, Brook & Pamela D. Blair, PHDI Wasn't Ready to Say GoodbyeGRI
Nordberg, BetteThin AirAF
Nordberg, BettePacific HopeAF
Nouwen, Henri J.M.Sabbatical JourneyINS
Nouwen, Henri J.M.A Spirituality of LivingINS
Odom, MelDeployed Book 1AFCalled to Serve
Odom, MelRenegade Book 2AFCalled to Serve
Odom, MelPaid in Blood Book 1AFNCIS
Odom, MelBlood Evidence Book 2AFNCIS
Odom, MelBlood Lines Book 3AFNCIS
O'Driscoll, HerbertThe Leap of the DeerINS
O'Driscoll, HerbertConfound ThemINS
O'Driscoll, HerbertPrayer Amoung FriendsINS
O'Driscoll, HerbertConversations in TimeINS
O'Driscoll, HerbertHeralds of GodINS
O'Driscoll, HerbertLiving ScriptureINS
Oke, JanetteOnce Upon a Summer Book 1AFSeasons of the Heart
Oke, JanetteSpring's Gentle Promise Book 4AFSeasons of the Heart
Oke, JanetteThe Measure of a HeartAF
Oke, JanetteWhen Hope Springs NewAF
Oke, JanetteTomorrow's DreamAF
Oke, JanetteJulia's Last HopeAF
Oke, JanetteThe Calling of Emily EvansAF
Oke, JanetteThey Called Her Mrs. DocAF
Oke, JanetteA Woman Named DamarisAF
Ollson, Mark AndrewThe Road HomeAF
Olson, John BFossil HunterAF
Omartian, StormieThe Power of a Praying WomanINS
O'Neill, JenniferA Fall TogetherAF
Orchard, SandraDeadly Devotion Book 1AFPort Aster Secrets
Orchard, SandraBlind Trust Bk 2AFPort Aster Secrets
Orchard, SandraDesperate Measures Book 3AFPort Aster Secrets
O'Rourke, MichelleEmbracing the End of LifeGRI
Parish, christaThe Air We BreathAF
Patterson, JamesWoman of GodAF
Pella, JudithThe Dawning of Deliverance Book 5AFThe Russians
Pella, JudithWhite Nights, Red Moring Book 6AFThe Russians
Pella, JudithPassage Into Light Book 7AFThe Russians
Pella, JudithDistant DreamsAF
Pence, James H.Blind SightAF
Penner, JamesGoliathBIO
Petersheim, JolinaThe OutcastAF
Peterson, Eugene H.The Message, PsalmsINS
Peterson, TracieWhere My Heart BelongsAF
Peterson, TracieThe Icecutter's DaughterAF
Peterson, TracieWhat She Left For MeAF
Pettrey, DaniSubmerged Book 1AFAlaskan Courage
Pettrey, DaniShattered Book 2AFAlaskan Courage
Pettrey, DaniStranded Book 3AFAlaskan Courage
Pettrey, DaniSilenced Bk 4AFAlaskan Courage
Pettrey, DaniSabotaged Book 5AFAlaskan Courage
Pettrey, DaniCold Shot Book 1AFChesapeake Valor
Pettrey, DaniStill Life Book 2AFChesapeake Valor
Pettrey, DaniBlind Spot Book 3AFChesapeake Valor
Pettrey, DaniDead Drift, Book 4AFChesapeake Valor series
Phillips, MichaelWild Grows the Heather in Devon Bk 1AFHeathersleigh Hall
Phillips, MichaelWayward Winds Book 2AFHeathersleigh Hall
Phillips, MichaelHeathersleigh Homecoming Book 3AFHeathersleigh Hall
Phillips, MichaelA New Dawn Over Devon Book 4AFHeathersleigh Hall
Phillips, MichaelStranger at Stonewycke Book 1AFStonewycke
Phillips, MichaelThe Crown and the Crucible Book 1AFThe Russians
Phillips, MichaelA House Divided Book 2AFThe Russians
Phillips, MichaelTravail and Triumph Book3AFThe Russians
Phillips, MichaelHeirs of the Motherland Book 4AFThe Russians
Phillips, MichaelThe Stonewycke TrilogyAF
Phoenix, MicheleIn Broken PlacesAF
Pierce, BethanyFeeling for BonesAF
Piper, Don90 Minutes in HeavenINS
Pippert, Rebecca ManleyOut of the Salt ShakerINS
Pollitt, Ronald Helen Steiner RiceBIO
Pollock, JohnThe Apostle, a Life of PaulINS
Powell, Dr. Kara E. PowellSticky FaithPAR
Powell, Dr. Kara E. PowellSticky Faith Guide for Your FamilyPAR
Powers, Margaret FishbackFootprintsINS
Pura, MurryMajestic and WildTRU
Rice, AnneChrist the Lord, Out of EgyptPEO
Richer, LoisDangerous SanctuaryAF
Riedstra, Lutzen111 YearsHIS
Rigsby, ScottUnthinkableSPO
Ripplinger, Henry K.,Angel Promises JulfilledAF
Rivers, FrancineLeota's GardenAF
Rivers, FrancineAnd the Shofar BlewAF
Rivers, FrancineThe Scarlet ThreadAF
Rivers, FrancineHew Mother's HopeAF
Rivers, FrancineHer Daughter's DreamAF
Rivers, FrancineRedeeming LoveAF
Rivers, FrancineBridge to HavenAF
Rivers, FrancineUnshakenPEO
Rivers, FrancineSons of EncouragementPEO
Rivers, FrancineA Lineage of GracePEO
Rivers, FrancineThe MasterpieceAF
Rodgers, Andrea JoOn Heaven's DoorstepAF
Romond, Janis LoomisChildren Facing GriefGRI
Roper, GayleFatal DeductionAF
Rosati, Kelly & JohnWait No MoreBIO
Rosenbeerg, Joel C.Dead HeatAF
Sadler, RobertThe Emancnipation of Robert SadlerBIO
Saint, SteveEnd of the SpearBIO
Saperstein, DavidA Christmas VisitorAF
Sattler, GailVancouverAF
Schmidt, AnnaAll God's Children Book 1AFThe Peacemakers
Schmidt, AnnaSimple Faith Book 2AFThe Peacemakers
Schmidt, AnnaSafe Haven Book 3AFThe Peacemakers
Scotellaro, RobertThe Joy of FriendshipINS
Scott, JeffersonVirtually EliminatedAF
Seaton, Michael R.Becoming a Good SamaritanSTU
Shaver, JessicaGiannaINS
Shaw, LornaIn Fullness of TimePEO
Shepherd, Linda EvansCalled to PrayINS
Sierra, JavierThe Secret SupperAF
Simon, Mary ManzLittle Visits 1-2-3INS
Singer, RandyThe JudgeAF
Singer, RandyThe Judge Who Stole ChristmasINS
Sittser, JerryA Grace DisguisedGRI
Sjogren, SteveHeaven's LessonsINS
Smith, Hannah WhitallThe God of All ComfortINS
Smith, JakeWishAF
Smith, Jill EileenRachel PEO
Snelling, LauraineRuby Book 1AFDakotah Treassures
Snelling, LauraineAn Untamed Land Book 1AFRed River
Snelling, LauraineA New Day Rising Book 2AFRed River
Snelling, LauraineA Land to Call Home Book 3AFRed River
Snelling, LauraineThe Reaper's Song Book 4AFRed River
Snelling, LauraineTender Mercies Book 5AFRed River
Snelling, LauraineBlessing in Disguise Book 6AFRed River
Snelling, LauraineA Dream to Follow Book 1AFReturn to Red River
Snelling, LauraineDaughter of Twin Oaks Book 1AFSecret Refuge
Snelling, LauraineThe Long Way Home Book 3AFSecret Refuge
Snelling, LauraineSisters of the Confederacy Book 2AFSecret Refuge
Snelling, LauraineThe Promise of Dawn Book 1AFUnder Northern Skies
Snelling, LauraineA Hand to HoldGRI
Sparks, NicholasA Walk to RememberAF
Sproles,Cindy K.Mercy's RainAF
Stokes, Penelope J.The Blue Bottle ClubAF
Strobel, LeeThe Case for FaithINS
Strobel, LeeThe Case for ChristINS
Strobel, LeeThe Case for FaithINS
Strober, GeraldBilly Graham, His Life and FaithBIO
Swindoll, Charles R.Start Where You AreINS
Swindoll, Charles R.EstherPEO
Swindoll, Charles R.DavidPEO
Swindoll, Charles R.JosephPEO
Swindoll, Charles R.MosesPEO
Swindoll, Charles R.ElijahPEO
Swindoll, Charles R.PaulPEO
Swindoll, Charles R.Fasscinating Stories of Forgotten LivesPEO
Swindoll, Charles R.A Bethlehem ChristmasINS
Tatlock, AnnTravelers RestAF
Tatlock, AnnPromises to KeepAF
Tatlock, AnnThe ReturningAF
Tatlock, AnnSweet MercyAF
Taylor, Diana WallisClaudia, Wife of Pontius PilatePEO
Taylor, Diana WallisMary MagdalenePEO
Taylor, Diana WallisMarthaPEO
Taylor, MargaretThe Gentle AdventurerHIS
Taylor, MargaretSunsets and Gentle BreezesBIO
Tebow, TimTim TebowSPO
Tengbom, MildredDevotions for a New MotherINS
Thi, Kim Phuc PhanFire RoadTRU
Thoene, BodieFirst Light Book 1AFA.D. Chronicles
Thoene, BodieSecond Touch Book 2AFA.D. Chronicles
Thoene, BodieThird Watch Book 3AFA.D. Chronicles
Thoene, BodieForth Dawn Book 4AFA.D. Chronicles
Thoene, BodieFifth Seal Book 5AFA.D. Chronicles
Thoene, BodieSixth Covenant Book 6AFA.D. Chronicles
Thoene, BodieSeventh Day Book 7AFA.D. Chronicles
Thoene, BodieEight Shepherd Book 8AFA.D. Chronicles
Thoene, BodieRiders of the Silver RimAFSaga of the Sierras
Thoene, BodieShooting StarAFSaga of the Sierras
Thoene, BodieIn My Fathers's House Book 1AFShiloh Legacy
Thoene, BodieA Thousand Shall Fall book 2AFShiloh Legacy
Thoene, BodieSay to this Mountain Book 3AFShiloh Legacy
Thoene, BodieJerusalem VigilAFZion Legacy
Thomas, Jane ReshSaying Good-bye to GrandmaGRI
Thomas, SueSilent NightINS
Thompson, JaniceHello, Hollywood!AF
Thrasher, TravisThe Second ThiefAF
Thrasher, TravisHome RunSPO
Thrasher, TravisDo You BelieveAF
Traylor, Ellen GundersonThe OracleAF
Turansky, CarrieNo Ocean Too WideAF
Unice, NicoleShe's Got IssuesSH
Vanier, JeanBecoming HumanINS
Vanier, JeanIn Weakness, StrengthINS
Vanier, JeanImages of Love, Words of HopeINS
Vogt, Beth K.Moments We ForgetAF
Voskamp, AnnThe Way of AbundanceINS
Voskamp, AnnThe Broken WayINS
Vujicic, NickLife Without LimitsBIO
Vujicic, NickLove Without LimitsTRU
Wallace, AmyHealing Promises Book 2AFDefenders of Hope
Walsh, DanThe ReunionAF
Walsh, Dan/Smalley, GaryThe Dance Book 1AFRestoration
Walsh, Dan/Smalley, GaryThe Promise Book 2AFRestoration
Walsh, Dan/Smalley, GaryThe Desire Book 3AFRestoration
Walsh, Dan/Smalley, GaryThe Legacy Book 4AFRestoration
Walsh, SheilaUnexpected GraceINS
Walsh, SheilaLaugh Out LoudINS
Wangerin, Walter Jr.Mourning into DancingGRI
Warren, KayChoose JoyINS
Warren, RickThe Purpose Driven LifeINS
Warren, Susan MayRecllaiming Nick Book 1AFNoble Legacy
Warren, Susan MayTaming Rafe Book 2AFNoble Legacy
Warren, Susan MayFinding Stefanie Book 3AFNoble Legacy
Warren, Susan MayNothing But Trouble Book 1AFPJ Sugar
Warren, Susan MayDouble Trouble Book 2AFPJ Sugar
Warren, Susan MayLicensed for Trouble Book 3AFPJ Sugar
Webber, DavidAnd the Aspens WhisperINS
Webber, DavidFrom Under A Blazing AspenINS
Wellman, SamFlorence NightingaleHIS
Wellman, SamGladys AylwardHIS
Whelchel, LisaTaking Care of the Me in MommyINS
Whilsmith, Gwyneth J.A Basket of StonesBIO
Whilsmith, Gwyneth J.Hear the Pennies DroppingBIO
Whilsmith, Gwyneth J.I Know God's in Here Somewhere x 2INS
Whitlow, RobertLife Support Book 1AFSantee
Whitlow, RobertDeeper Water Book 1AFTides of Truth
Whitlow, RobertHigher Hope Book 2 X 2AFTides of Truth
Whitlow, RobertGreater Love Book 3AFTides of Truth
Whitlow, RobertThe Confession AF
Whitlow, RobertA House DividedAF
Whitlow, RobertA Time to StandAF
Wick, Lori Where the Wild Rose Blooms Book 1AFRocky Mountain
Wick, Lori Whispers of Moonlight Book 2AFRocky Mountain
Wick, Lori To Know her by Name Book 3AFRocky Mountain
Wick, Lori Promise Me TommorowAFRocky Mountain
Wick, Lori Every Little thing About You Book 1AFYellow Rose
Wick, Lori Texas Sky Book 2AFYellow Rose
Wick, Lori City Girl Book 3AFYellow Rose
Wick, Lori Sophie's HeartAF
Wick, Lori PretenseAF
Wick, Lori Bamboo & LaceAF
Wick, Lori White Chocolate MomentsAF
Wieland, CarlWalking Through ShadowsGRI
Wilbur, William E Finding Freedom in PanamaTRU
Wilkinson, BruceThe Prayer of JabezINS
Wilkinson, BruceA Life God RewardsINS
Williford, CarolynBridge to a Distant StarAF
Wilson-Fuller, JonathanWill You Please ListenINS
Windle, J.M.Freedon's StandAF
Windle, JeanetteCongo DawnAF
Windle, JeanetteBetrayedAF
Windsor, LindaDeirdreAF
Wingate, LisaThe Prayer BoxAF
Wingate, LisaBefore We were YoursAF
Wolfelt, Alan D., Ph.D.The wilderness of GriefGRI
Wolfelt, Alan D., Ph.D.Healing a Child's Grieving HeartGRI
Wylie, Betty JaneBeginnings, A Book for WidowsGRI
Yancey, PhilipSoul Survivor x 2INS
Yancey, PhilipWhat's so Amazing About GraceINS
Yancey, PhilipFinding God in Unexpected PlacesINS
Yancey, PhilipFearfully & Wonderfully MadeINS
Yancey, PhilipThe Bible Jesus ReadINS
Yancey, PhilipThe Jesus I Never KnewINS
Yohannan, K.P.No Longer a SlumdogINS
Young, William PThe ShackAF
Young, William PEve AF
Zegerius, HansGod Has a HeartINS
Dead Sea ScrollsGEN
Our Heritage and Our FaithGEN
Quiet Moments with God for MothersINS
Peace on EarthINS

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