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In the summer of 2016 Diane & Lee Coulman took a self-funded mission trip to Kenya.
Read all about it and catch their great pictures here:coulmans-in-africa


Gale Church contributes to the Mission work of the parent body, the Presbyterian Church in Canada, through monetary donations to Presbyterian Sharing and the Presbyterian World Services and Development agency (PWS&D).  Each year the congregation makes a budget allocation to Presbyterian Sharing, and individual donations to PWS&D are encouraged, particularly in the event of a World crisis like the tsunami disaster.

For information on PWSD please visit their website at:


 Canadian Foodgrains Bank


IMG_5801corn_yieldThe Field Dedication for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank project was held on June 24th, @ 7:30 P.M. at the field.

Through the Life and Mission Team, the church participates with two other local churches to prepare and harvest a field of grain which is added to the Bank.This is distributed to famine stricken parts of the World, particularly in Africa.





Life and Mission Activities

Other budget allocations to Mission include an annual donation to the Woolwich Counselling Centre, based in Elmira.

The Gale Mission and Outreach Committee initiates ongoing and occasional projects that meet needs in the local community and in the wider world. For the local Food Bank run by Woolwich Community Services (WCS), Gale Church folk make regular monthly contributions of items requested by WCS. In response, WCS has written a letter of thanks: “Since you have been collecting and donating food monthly, there has been a significant difference on our shelves… It is amazing how your church being a constant in our agency’s program has helped.”

People from the church also present WCS with a supply of warm mittens, hats and gloves collected at Christmas on a Mitten Tree for children in the community.

The Helping Hands group of women meets weekly during the Winter and Spring to knit, quilt and crochet articles that are distributed mainly in parts of Canada where aboriginal people live. Hats, scarves and mitts are sent to reserves in the far North, and to Winnipeg, where quilts are also given to shelters serving aboriginal street youth. As well, “pneumonia vests” are knitted for babies in African countries where temperatures drop at night after the heat of the day.

In another locally-based initiative, teams of Church members also help at the House of Friendship Soup Kitchen in Kitchener, preparing meals and cleaning the kitchen.

The Life and Mission Team also sponsors activities in the church that help engage and bring all ages together. A recent activity was during March break when various skills were shared including knitting and building birdhouses.

DSCN6613birdhouseLR DSCN6614birdhouseLR DSCN6615birdhouseLR DSCN6618birdhouseLR


DSCN6583missionLRThis Committee also seeks to raise awareness in the congregation and invite response to needs as they arise in different parts of the World.






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