Christianity 101 Class

March 20, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Christianity 101 Class

Church is a place where people gather to share in their faith journey.   A faith journey is the experience of life as we live it, knowing we have a relationship with God.  We are involved in this church because our knowledge of that love makes us want to share with others what that love means to us.  Those who share in this way become a community of believers.

This community has its history, its practices and its future that are different than any other faith community.   We are Presbyterian.  We are different than the United Church and the Roman Catholic Church and we are different than the Presbyterian Church in Arthur or Kingston.  Some of those differences are subtle but they are there.

You have been a part of this community for some time but you may not know the differences if no one has ever taken the time to explain them to you.  So it is the practice of our church to have a class to explain these things.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to be a part of our community but we believe the best participants are those who know what’s going on.

While faith of the community is very important to our well being, it must be remembered that our faith is also focused on the relationship you have with God.  So these classes will also address what it is that we as individuals believe and practice as Christians.

If you are interested in joining this class, please contact Melanie Dow or Rev. Scott

First class begins on Friday, March 20th


Course outline:

Session 1 –  Basic Spirituality and the existence of God
Other Religions

Session 2 –  Christianity – History
Where did this come from?
Great moments is us becoming a religion

Session 3 –  Christianity – the Bible
The Old and New Testaments
Where did it come from?
How do we make sense of it?

Session 4 –  Christianity – Faith
What do we believe?

Session 5 – Presbyterians
How is Gale different and the same as other churches?
What are Communion and Baptism?
What does it mean to join the church?

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