Gale’s Friday Update – January 22, 2021

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Gale Force is back!

In spite of Covid, The Coldest Night of the Year event is back!  This fundraiser, spearheaded by Woolwich Community Services (WCS), depends on community support to be successful.

In this regard, our church will once again put a team together to help raise funds for this very worthy cause.  It is being called a virtual event due to Covid.  So many things will be different than the last two years, however, what is the same is that the funds raised will go to support the wonderful things that WCS does for our community and beyond.

To date, we have 12 committed members on our Gale Force team, all of whom will do the walk and seek pledges from friends, family and our church community.  If participating is not your thing, perhaps you can consider offering to sponsor our team, and ultimately supporting our community.

If you are interested in learning more about this event,

contact Diane Coulman for details:


Go, Gale Force, Go!


** 2020 Donation Receipts

If you are interested in receiving your yearly donation receipts by email (2020 and beyond), please take a moment to fill out a quick form by clicking on the following link:

or email the church with your preference

Thank you to all who have replied so far!


Church News

Gale Presbyterian is closed during the province wide lockdown & the more recent “Stay-At-Home” order.  During this time, please visit our YouTube channel ( where we will have pre-recorded services available each Sunday.

Staff will periodically be in the building to look after any pressing issues.  You can contact them by email or by leaving a message at the church.

Contact information is found at the bottom of this message.


** Announcements

Tuesday Take-Out – When restrictions are lifted, we will let you know about our plan to offer meals again.

“I’ve always wanted to hear a sermon about…”

Rev. Scott is still taking suggestions for sermon topics.  Finish the sentence…”I’ve always wanted to hear a sermon about…” and email your sentence to Rev. Scott at

It can be based on scripture, on a social concern, on whatever is important to your life now.


** What’s on the Calendar

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Annual Congregational Meeting

* Following our 10:30 service

* Online only – via ZOOM

* Details will be sent out closer to the date


** From the archives…

One of Elinor Rau’s granddaughters came across a piece of history recently when she was cleaning out her grandmother’s filing cabinet!

How many of you attended this concert?


Did you know…..


$100 in 1956 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $934.25 today


Prices for 1956

House: $9,550

Average income: $4,454

Ford car: $1748-$3151

Milk: $0.97

Gas: $0.23

Bread $0.18

Postage stamp: $0.03

Chuck Pot Roast: $0 .33 lb.

Spareribs: $0.39 lb.

Cabbage: $0.04 lb.

Eggs, doz.: $0.45

Coffee: $0.69 lb.

Carnation Instant Chocolate Drink, 10oz.: $0.33


Staying connected with God & each other. 

If you have any prayer requests, you can email them to:


Staff Contacts:

Rev. Scott Sinclair

Richard McFadden

Melanie Dow

Janice Malloy