In Denise and Adam’s words

Adam and Denise have been Sunday School teachers for a couple of years or so, and their experience has been a positive one. In their own words:

“God knows, I am not an expert on scripture, Christianity, or kids, but I have found out that I don’t have to be!!

God is everywhere — mostly for me — God is in our connection to one another. So being a Sunday School teacher is easy because I get to connect with the kids and learn right alongside them as we look at different stories and lessons from Jesus. The kids don’t expect me to know everything – in fact, it is fun when we ask questions together and try to figure things out as a group.

The Sunday School Supervisors, Lisa & Laurie, have made being a teacher very easy. They organize the lessons and material for the teachers — so teachers don’t have to fret or worry over teaching. Sunday school teachers can put as much time and effort into preparing for the lesson as their life allows.

Some weeks, I might spend more time researching my lesson or organizing an activity or craft to do with the kids.

Other times, I am simply looking at the lesson and material the night before. There are so many supplies and resources in the classrooms that it is quite easy to get ready for the Sunday school class even the morning of.

Our role is tiny when you think about how little time & commitment is involved in being a Sunday School teacher. Yet that tiny connection can be very significant when it touches a family (inside or outside Gale) that is in need of a friend, spiritual nourishment, or community support. We just never know how our connections to each other will make a difference.”

Denise & Adam would encourage all of you to consider being a Sunday School teacher at Gale.