May 1 updates

Happy Friday!

While you enjoy today’s sunshine, here are a few things to keep you informed:


 1.  Our prayers keep us in contact with God and each other.  You can send your prayer requests to



2.  We are now live streaming our Sunday services on YouTube.  You will find that the video and audio are better quality.  Please visit our website  and click on “Live Streaming” where you can find the YouTube link as well as information for connecting with Zoom.


3. What have you been up to lately?  We would like to fill our next Gale Gatherings issue with stories of good things happening and pictures of what you’ve been doing during COVID.  Please email your submissions to the office by May 8th

 4.  There are a lot of new things on our website to help us remain connected during this time of isolation.  Check out our website for recipes, family & kid resources, virtual coffee time, porch pick ups and more!


 Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the signs of spring that are popping up all around us!