Who and What is the Session

Session is a group of church members, formally called ruling elders. They establish policies and make decisions concerning the spiritual life of the congregation. The minister, formally referred to as the teaching elder, together with the ruling elders, make up the Session.

P1010956The Session meets regularly to review the health and vitality of congregational life. In addition, each elder has an “elder district” – approximately 12 to 15 families within the congregation with whom they keep in close communication. Annually, the Session spends a day or two apart, for their own spiritual nourishment – a time of prayer and worship, study and learning, discernment and fellowship.

The Session at Gale has instituted Term Service for Elders with the intent of giving “retiring” elders some time to serve God in other capacities and of providing more members of the congregation the opportunity to undertake the responsibilities of being on the active session of Gale Presbyterian Church. To begin the transition to “term service” and to decrease the number of active elders on the session, 9 long serving elders “stepped down” for a time and 6 of our members were ordained and installed into the office of elders on the active session. The normal term for each elected elder will be 6 years, although they may serve contiguous terms, if elected by the congregation.

Members of the Session

  • Marg Bauman
  • Carolyn Boyne
  • Sarah Bradshaw
  • Marilyn Coupal
  • Kim Denstedt
  • Les Hammell
  • Gil Langerak
  • Jan Parsons
  • Barb Smith
  • Darlene Vandermay, Clerk of Session