SERMON SHORT for June 2nd, 2019

SERMON SHORT for June 2nd, 2019


Isaiah 6:1-8, John 3:1-17

Isaiah saw the Lord.  Six chapters into his prophesy and he saw the Lord.  The year of King Uzziah’s death. The government changed. The Prophet changed. But the word of the Lord was ever the same.

Kings come and go.  God lets them.  That’s natural.  Governments come and go, policies, promises, taxes, programs, social welfare, all these things come and go and God lets them. Ministers and prophets come and go. This is natural, but this is seldom a great change.

The great change, the change that makes a great difference in each and every one of us, is when we are touched with the burning coal of God’s grace and we know we are forgiven, and we are made new to live and relate and work and worship like something totally different than the person who messed things up so much yesterday.