Sermon Short for May 3rd, 2020

Sermon Short for May 3rd, 2020

How long, O Lord, how long?

Psalm 13, Isaiah 38:9-16

We have our limits, don’t we? We all get to points where everything has built up and we just can’t take any more. We get tired, worn down, depleted.  If it’s our bodies that are tired, our emotions and our minds soon follow suit. Covid has been around long enough and it’s wearing us down.

This week is Mental Health Week in Canada. Covid can wear down out bodies but the need for isolation and heightened social restrictions is devastating to our mind, our emotions, our spirit – all integrated with our mental health.

In the Isaiah passage we read of King Hezekiah. He knew what it was to be in the depths of despair and writhing with mental illness. He cried to his Lord, “Restore me…and make me to live!” And it is God’s desire for us to be restored and to live abundantly.