Sermon Short for November 11th, 2018

Sermon Short for November 11th, 2018

Conflicted – in and out

Psalm 85, John 14:25-31

More and more I am conflicted over my role in Remembrance Day. For the past few years I have led our community’s cenotaph service with the Legion. Ever since becoming a minister I have led my church in some sort of Remembrance service in early November. I am conflicted over this internally and externally.

I am conflicted inside: who am I to speak on things like war that is so far removed from my own experience? What do I have to say about remembering war, when all I have known is a country that has been at peace? I’m not sure what to say.

I am conflicted outside: We know we are supposed to hate war – the atrocities and horror. Yet we know the peace and comfort we have are made possible because in our past men and women went to war and committed those atrocities and horrors. I am horrified by what my ancestors did – killing human beings. I am thankful for what my ancestors did – sacrificing to create and preserve our way of life.

We will recognize the bravery, the courage, and the sacrifice of those who went to war, gave their lives. We must also fight the attitude that war is an acceptable option to resolve international disagreements.

But I’m conflicted. Who am I to say?