Sermon Short for November 24th, 2019 – Café Church

Sermon Short for November 24th, 2019 – Café Church

How blessed do I have to be?

Matthew 5:1-11

“Blessed are … Blessed are … Blessed are …” And the list of blessings goes on and on. Eight of these blessing phrases are there in Matthew; only four in Luke’s version. It is clear that the opening comments in Jesus’ opening sermon to his world-changing ministry are all about us being blessed. How blessed to I have to be for God to love me?

We have been going over these beatitudes one by one throughout the fall and this Sunday we will discuss the importance of this section as a whole. What is the meaning of this string of blessing statements when looked at as a whole group instead of separated into mini-memes?

And this discussion will be in our Café Church style of worship in the Fellowship Hall. Lots of music, lots of food, lots of spirit.