We can help Lucy



Lucy is the 3 month old granddaughter of John and Sandra Kendal; members of Gale Presbyterian Church. She was born with a rare neuromuscular disorder that can be treated with a new gene therapy called Zolgensma. Unfortunately it is not approved in Canada yet, although approved in many other countries. It has life-saving effects and Lucy needs this treatment. The longer the wait, the more irreversible damage this neuromuscular disorder will have on her delicate newborn body.  

Once we get approval for the therapy there will still be a cost $3 million! It is overwhelming to know that there is a drug that could change Lucy’s life but is prohibitively expensive. So we appeal to you to help us as we strive to help Lucy. We are hoping for hundreds and thousands of people to each give a small donation to Lucy’s GoFundMe page:



Please share the GoFundMe link and YouTube video and sign the petition for Zolgensma approval in Canada, found at: