SERMON SHORT FOR November 26th, 2017

SERMON SHORT FOR November 26th, 2017

Jeremiah 1:1–10
Luke 4:21–30

            We have tackled the “Why Jesus?” question with a journey through the Old Testament and the history of God’s people from which Jesus the Christ emerged. Creation, First families, Moses, Judges, Kings. Now we come to the time of the Prophets. The prophets coincide with the kings of Israel, but they get their own treatment in my investigations into “Why Jesus?” The prophets seem to be the conscience of the rulers of God’s people through the years of the Kings. They preached about what was wrong and how to make it right.

            It was not a glamorous job. Not like being a preacher today with its remuneration and high social status 🙂 Take a look at the lives of the prophets and you realize they really, really, really would only do it as a call from God, and not a desire for their own well-being.

            Jesus knew this. He knew the history and the writings. Yet he still took up that roll.

            Are we willing?


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