Sermon Short for October 1st

Don’t forget we celebrate World Wide Communion Sunday this week.

Sermon Short for October 1st

Why Jesus? Why Law?
Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20, Matthew 22:34-40Why Law

For the next few months we will be investigating the question: Why Jesus? – Why is there a Jesus? We start that approach by looking for the story of Jesus emerging from a tapestry of history of God’s people moving through the world. This week: What’s with these Ten Commandments? Why are they so important to the Jews, Christians and Muslims and what do they matter to the Why Jesus? question?

We usually think of laws as things to restrict and control us – tell us what we can’t do. That’s only part of the reason for a law and, sadly, if that’s all you think a law is, you’re missing out on most of what law has to offer. The law of God was and is an expression of love. It is the answer to the old question: “What do I do after I say ‘I love you?’”

The Hebrews called the law “Torah”, which literally means “guidance” That is what the law is meant to be for us. It is meant to be a guide or a help to us as we seek to love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves. Can we get back to that ancient sense of Torah and see “Why Jesus?” emerges from that heritage?


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