Sermon Short for September 24th, 2017

Sermon Short for September 24th, 2017

Why Jesus?
Genesis 12:1-3
Romans 4:13-25

Christianity hinges on the life and death of The Christ (duh!!)New Picture

But we have many ways of considering what The Christ was, and should be for us now. For the next season we’re going to explore the “Why” of Jesus the Christ. Why was there a Jesus Christ in the first place? We try to grasp the meaning of the Jesus event mostly in light of the stuff we have been told by the people that followed him; in his time and the centuries that followed. That is valid in helping us understand Jesus to some extent.

But for this discussion we’ll start way back at the very beginnings of our faith – the Genesis stories and see the reason for Christ emerging from a story that had been unraveling through centuries before him. Seen from this perspective, we might get a much different view of him.


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