Sermon Short for September 3rd, 2017


Have I Got A Job For You!

Exodus 3:1-15
Matthew 16:21-28

Moses gets a call from a burning bush. This is GodIMG_5819 telling him what he’s going to do with the rest of his life. POW! How would our lives be different if, when we are struggling with careers and jobs, we get such a definite direction from God. Has anyone ever heard God tell them, “I want you to be a golf pro!” “I want you to become a nurse!” “I want you to drive a taxi!” Any clear direction from God would have great impact upon our careers and vocations.

But God doesn’t get into specifics when it comes to what we do to earn money – our jobs. He does, however, have a whole Bible-load of stuff to say about how we live our lives – our vocations.

On this Labour Day Weekend we consider what a Christian understanding of work, jobs and vocation might be, looking at Moses’ encounter with a burning bush.


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