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We’re at 10 Barnswallow Drive in Elmira.

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August 28th – 10:00 a.m.
Rev. Scott Sinclair

A Different Kind of Lost

Sheep 3Luke 15:1-7, 1st Timothy 1:12-17

Sheep.  Do we get enough of them in the Bible?  How many of us can really relate to stories about sheep? Sheep and shepherds are familiar topics in the Bible, being mentioned about 750 times. Sheep were valuable possessions for the ancient Hebrews. They provided milk and meat, as well as wool for clothing. Sheep had religious significance as they were used in the sacrificial offerings to God. Jesus is called the “Lamb of God.”

This week we look at a sheep story. The one that wanders away from 99 others and is sought by the “Good Shepherd.” The quotes are for a reason. “Good Shepherd” is not used in this story. It’s in another sheep story.  But I don’t think the shepherd in this story was actually a good one.


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