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Sunday, July 12th, 2020 @ 10:30 am
Rev. Scott Sinclair

Sermon Short – “And There Was Light”

Genesis 1:1-5

Every morning the sun rises. As in the first words of our Bible, the light is separated from the darkness. Then every sunrise is lost. The day moves along. This separation of darkness and light continues each and every day. Creation is still going on, and you and I are in on it. We are partners in the created order. The creator took that dark nothing and separated the light from that. And we are gifted with it now. Then be with God and separate the dark from the light.

There is darkness in the world. We are a co-creators of the light. We can separate the light and the darkness and be shining lights for the creation.

COVID-19 Statement June 11, 2020

Despite the loosening of restrictions regarding public gatherings,
Gale Presbyterian Church intends to remain closed and
conduct live worship online at this time.

Gale Presbyterian Church is watching closely as the situation develops regarding the COVID-19 virus pandemic. We will make all reasonable precautions to minimize risk of exposure to people who attend events in our facility.

On Monday, March 16, 2020 the Session at Gale Church agreed to “suspend all public gatherings, meetings and worship.” This includes Sunday worship, Tuesday Table, Messy Church, choir and bell practices and all meetings.

Rev. Sinclair is available at all times for pastoral concerns. He can be contacted by phone at 519-998-5323.

The Gale Sanctuary is a spiritual focus and home for us. It is a serene and meaningful space. We will continue to conduct Sunday worship services online from our sanctuary.

The Region of Waterloo Public Health Services provides updates as well as other health safety practices and resources at:


Please check this space for updates to Gale’s preparations.

Past Services & Sermons


In June of 2018 the General Assembly referred the document On the Question of Unity and Diversity to the church. It deals with the issue of inclusion of the LGBTQ community in the Presbyterian Church. The referral asked for a response from our Session by January 31st, 2019.  Gale Session considered the document through the autumn, first by a small subcommittee and then Session as a whole through November to January. The process of arriving at a response was also addressed from the pulpit in sermons. Session considered one written response from a member received in January.

At a special meeting of Session our response was adopted and forwarded to the General Assembly for their consideration. Our response included three recommendations which were adopted by Session as follows:

Recommendation 1: That Gale Presbyterian Church, Elmira will welcome all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, to participate fully as members of our congregation including the right to be ordained to office and married in our church.

Recommendation 2: That we acknowledge not all members of the Presbyterian Church in Canada will be comfortable with such a decision and may decide to leave the denomination. If this happens, we will show those who choose to leave love and respect for their choice.

Recommendation 3: That this be the response of Gale Presbyterian Church to the General Assembly concerning the document “On the Question of Unity and Diversity.”

A special committee of the General Assembly will consider our response along with many others from Sessions, Presbyteries and Synods of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. The question of inclusion will be addressed by future General Assembly meetings and Gale will be kept informed of the progress of this issue.

On-the-Question-of-Unity-and-Diversity and the full text of our Unity diversity response  are available online from our website and hard copies are available in our office.