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SUNDAY February 19th – 10:30 a.m.
Rev. Scott Sinclair
Sermon Short – God’s Story on Pilgrimage –
The Story of Joseph – of Blessings and Curses

Genesis 45:4-15
John 6:3-14
IMG_4965            How would you feel if your brothers dumped you in a hole in the ground, sold you into slavery and bloodied up your coat to make it look like an accident? Boy – some families sure know how to show the love. But that is Joseph’s early life in a nutshell.

Did the brothers ruin his life? No – but they sure sent it off in a different direction than expected. It could have been a disaster. It could have been a blessing. Our walk in faith makes us see that God can take the bad and turn it to the good. It is also shows that those things, which seem very good to us, can lead to evil. The wheel – the arrow – the atom.

We do not see the whole picture. We do, however, look at all the events on our pilgrimage and choose to consider them disasters – or blessings.

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