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Wedding Celebrations at Gale
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! 
The Community of Gale Presbyterian Church is willing to help make your wedding a memorable day, and to welcome you to all the joys of life and faith in matrimony.

What is Christian marriage?
Christian marriage bears witness to the love and will of God for the whole of creation and for the social order.  The liturgy attempts to express, through words and actions, the church’s understanding of Christian marriage.

The Christian marriage service upholds the ideal of equality and mutuality between the marriage partners.  The vows taken by the couple are identical.  The covenant is one of self-giving.  There is no giving away of one or both parties.

The covenant made between a couple in marriage is private, but it is also a public covenant made before God and witnesses.  It is a covenant made for the good of the natural and social order.  It is a relationship rooted in faithfulness.  In the marriage service, we are reminded of the faithful God who entered into covenant with a beloved people.  As we celebrate, we are given a glimpse of the kingdom of God.

All who assemble at a marriage service are called to give thanks for the blessing of God in the gift of marriage.  The worship of God is the appropriate context for a service which unites Christians in marriage.

Who can be married?
In accordance with the policy of The Presbyterian Church in Canada the Session of Gale Presbyterian Church has determined that marriage is a covenant between two consenting adults regardless of sex, gender or orientation and, subject to this policy, Gale is pleased to be a part of weddings on that basis.

Premarital Counseling
Your wedding is one day, but your marriage is a lifetime commitment. Therefore, premarital counseling is strongly encouraged as a way of building a strong foundation for the future of your marriage. The Minister will meet with you as a couple 4-6 times prior to the wedding for conversations about marriage. Resource materials will be provided for couples to review on their own time in between meetings.

Service of Worship
Since the worship of God is the appropriate context for a wedding service, the service will include prayers, scripture, covenant vows and a reflection by the Minister. Further additions to the service can be made in consultation with the Minister.

Arrangements for floral and other decorations can be made through the supplier of your choice.  The Minister will advise as to the contact person for flower deliveries and related matters. The placing of all decorations must be done in consultation with the Minister.

Photographs & A/V Content
Photographs are wonderful remembrances of the wedding but can be a distraction.  The Minister will remind guests only to take photographs before and after the ceremony.  A professional photographer, however, will be permitted to work discreetly throughout the service.

It may also be possible to livestream your service so distant family or friends can watch your marriage ceremony. Speak to the Minister about this option.

If you choose to show any visual content during your service (including videos or slide shows), it must be provided on a USB and be Windows compatible (no laptop connections will be allowed).  Only Gale-approved technicians may work in the A/V booth.  Restrictions regarding copyright may apply.  Gale reserves the right to refuse content.

If you request to use our church hall for a ceremony and reception, the Minister will provide information and put you in touch with a contact person. Fees will depend on the type of reception, whether it is catered, whether kitchen facilities will be used, and so on. 

Gale Presbyterian Church does not permit the serving of alcoholic beverages on its premises.

License and/or Banns
A marriage license is available from any municipal office. The license is valid for 3 months from date of issue and must be brought to the church office at least 2 weeks before the day of the rehearsal.

Members of Gale Presbyterian Church may choose the option of having their banns read in church.  Please consult the Minister about this option.

Reserving the sanctuary for the wedding and rehearsal
This should be done through the Minister or the office administrator as early as possible.  Usually, the rehearsal is held on the evening before the wedding day.  The service is conducted by the Minister of Gale.  If a guest Minister is to conduct the service, they must consult with the Minister well in advance of the ceremony, and there is a fee for this consultation.

The Music Director of Gale Presbyterian Church is in charge of all musical arrangements for weddings and is willing to play at all weddings at Gale except where special arrangements have been made to invite another musician.  In the latter case, our Music Director must be consulted regarding use of the church instruments and would receive a fee regardless of participation. The Music Director will consult with you regarding wedding music, soloists, rehearsal time, and the ceremony itself.

A monetary donation to the church for the Minister to conduct the service is at the discretion of the family. 

The total of applicable fees is paid by cheque (“Gale Presbyterian Church”) or e-transfer (bookkeeper@galepresbyterian), due on the day prior to the service.

Fee Structure for Weddings at Gale 

  Fixed Selected
Gale’s Minister for rehearsal and service    
Facility costs 75.00  
Gale’s Minister as consultant only   50.00
Music Director for service (includes one meeting)   150.00
Music Director with soloist rehearsal   50.00
Music Director as consultant only   50.00
Audio-visual including recording, livestreaming   225.00
Audio-visual without recording, livestreaming   150.00
Custodial cleaning before and after service 150.00  


Wedding guests are kindly asked not to throw any material (e.g. confetti, rice, etc.) on the church property. Rental groups will be responsible for any damage to the facilities.

Following the laws of the Province of Ontario, the Minister cannot proceed with a service of marriage if either or both applicants or their witnesses appear to have consumed alcohol and/or are impaired by any substance. The parties are signing legal documents which must only be signed by competent individuals. 

Gale Presbyterian Church adheres to the policy and practices of the Presbyterian Church in Canada with respect to the definition of marriage.

Updated 11-23-22



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