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Funeral & Memorial Services at Gale
The congregation at Gale Presbyterian Church is honoured to participate in the funerals and memorial services for people of the Elmira community.

The time surrounding the loss of a loved one is difficult, and Gale is here to help people through this time. Faith communities can be a special support during this period of grief by reminding us that we are not alone and that we have companions with us on this journey. God, and the Christian community are with us to give us strength and encouragement.

A funeral or memorial service is a service of worship. It is a time to give thanks for the life of the deceased as we grieve our loss. Drawing on our faith, we are empowered by our hope in the resurrection, which enables us to face death, offer thanksgiving for the gift of life, and celebrate our Christian hope. 

Gale is pleased to provide its services in cooperation with the funeral home that a family may choose. This policy is provided to help clarify the procedures and supports that are available when the funeral or memorial service is held at Gale Presbyterian Church.

The Minister of Gale or a designated person will officiate at each funeral and/or committal service held within the church building. If a family wishes another Minister to officiate or participate at the funeral and/or memorial service, approval must first be received from the Minister of the church.

The Minister will visit the family to offer pastoral support. There will also be an opportunity for the family to discuss elements of the worship service (scripture, hymns, guest speakers) with the Minister.

The Minister will consult with the family on the order of worship.  It will combine scripture readings, hymns, psalms, and prayers as well as reflections on the life of the deceased.  It concludes by commending the deceased into God’s care.

The director of music of Gale or their designate will provide the music at each funeral and/or memorial service held within the church building. Please note that Gale’s choir is not normally involved in funeral or memorial services. However, if there is a special relationship between the choir and the family, the choir may be requested through consultation with the director of music. Details of hymns and special music can be discussed when visiting with the Minister.

The family may wish to have a visitation at the Church.  It is possible to have the casket or urn positioned in the narthex, fellowship hall or sanctuary for the visitation.  The casket may be open or closed.

The funeral service will be separate from any fraternal, civic or military rites.  The timing of these types of services will be arranged in consultation with the Minister.  

Church office staff can produce a bulletin at the request of the family.

A video recording of the service can be made and provided to the family. Additionally, the service may also be livestreamed onto YouTube to allow family or friends to watch the service in the event they are unable to attend in person. A link to a private viewing can be made available for this purpose, or the stream can be public if preferred. A/V services are dependent on availability of trained technicians. Please note that only Gale’s trained technicians or their designate may work in the A/V booth and outside equipment cannot be connected or used in the booth.

A video or slide presentation can be projected before, during, or after the service. This material should be prepared by the family and made available to the church office at least one day ahead of the service. If assistance is required to create such material, please discuss with the minister. Other A/V materials such as words to hymns or readings are produced by church staff as required.

Arrangements for floral decorations can be made through the florist of your choice.  The Minister will advise as to the contact person for flower deliveries and related matters.

A reception following the service is a pleasant way of greeting and enjoying the fellowship of those who have come to share this time. Gale has a modern kitchen and meeting hall for this purpose.  The use of the hall includes set-up of tables and chairs, buffet set-up, and coffee and tea service by volunteers. Food is arranged by the family with an outside caterer. Please consult the Minister or the church administrator about this possibility.

Gale Presbyterian sees funeral services as part of its ministry to the community and is pleased to provide its Minister, the sanctuary, the reception hall, and related services provided by staff for a subsidized flat fee of $500. If families would like to donate above and beyond this fee in appreciation of volunteers and the use of the facilities, they are welcome to do so.

The fee of $500 can be paid by cheque (“Gale Presbyterian Church”) or e-transfer ( on the day of the service.

Revised: 05-12-22


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