Board of Managers

The Board of Managers is responsible for the maintenance of the physical church.
Members are nominated from the Gale community at large and form the following committees:

Property/Maintenance Committee
Fun-draising Committee
Health and Safety Committee
A/V Committee

Human Resources Committee
Communications Committee
Long Range Planning Committee

The Board of Managers meets once a month and reviews financial reports provided by the church treasurer, an ex-officio member of the Board. The minister (ex-officio) and a session representative also play essential roles on the Board.

* Contact the Board of Managers by calling or e-mailing the Church office:
519-669-2852 or

Board Members

  • Jim Bauman, House-and-Grounds-Keeping
  • Lee Coulman (co-chair), Environmental & Long Range Planning
  • Kim Denstedt (co-chair), Communications
  • Denise Dickieson, Fundraising
  • Glen Dow, Health and Safety & AV (on leave Fall 2023)
  • Maria Liston, Human Resources
  • Jocelyn Schaefer, Rentals Liaison
  • John Scheeringa, Facility Lead
  • Kathy Scheeringa, Communications
  • Barb Smith, Session Representative
Jim BaumanLee CoulmanKim DenstedtDenise Dickieson
Glen DowMaria ListonJocelyn SchaeferJohn Scheeringa
Kathy ScheeringaBarb Smith


Treasurer: Vicky Hammell


Financial Support of the Church

The Board of Managers is responsible for setting and monitoring the annual budget with the treasurer who presents the budget to the congregation for approval at the annual meeting, usually at the end of January or early February. A draft of this budget is presented in November and the congregation is alerted if additional funds are needed, or asked to vote on how the Board should use any extra funds.

Gale can be supported financially in the following ways:

  1. Weekly donations brought on Sunday and placed in the givings tray.
  2. Pre-arranged givings (PAG) which allow members to arrange for the automatic transfer of funds to the church bank account. This ensures that even when a member is unable to be in church, his or her support continues. Members are still provided with envelopes that can be placed in the offering plate marked “PAG”. At any time a member may choose to designate additional support for a special project. This extra offering is simply placed into the envelope and noted on the front. The exact amount of the automatic transfer can be changed easily and quickly with a phone call to the church business administrator.
  3. E-transfer: you can send donations to  (please indicate where you would like the money to go).

Gale recognizes that the congregation supports the church in many ways, including through volunteering, as well as supporting the Elmira community through other agencies.

Church donations support the operation of our facility and the remuneration of staff hired for specific tasks in the church. The Budget also supports PWS&D (Presbyterian World Sharing and Development) and the Waterloo Wellington Presbytery.


Members of Gale become involved in fundraising activities that support the work of the church and activities within Elmira and surrounding communities, or communities in developing countries; church donations also support development and emergency relief projects worldwide. Read more about the variety of projects we have supported under Church Life/ Life and Mission.


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