Gale Presbyterian Church has a variety of spaces available for rent by community groups or local business. 

All rentals must be approved by the Board of Managers and Session of Gale who meet monthly, thus early application is advised. 

The following is an overview of the type of space we have available.

Fellowship Hall – an ideal space for large group gatherings; you have access to tables and chairs in a storage room. One wall includes a painted projection screen. This area, the size of a small gymnasium, can also be used for volleyball (nets in storage area) or other athletic activities. Can accommodate up to 200 people depending on table and chair configuration.

Kitchen – the kitchen is certified and can be booked on its own for preparation and cooking, or it can be booked in conjunction with the Fellowship Hall. We ensure renters know how to use the gas stoves and the dishwasher. Full access to dishes and cookware is included.

Sanctuary – the sanctuary features approximately 180 cushioned seats on a sloped floor leading to a large chancel (stage). An a/v booth can be included but only Gale technicians may work behind the booth. Events in this space can be live-streamed. The director of music must be consulted if musical equipment is required.

Small meeting rooms – on the lower level, there are three Sunday School rooms, and a Board room available for small-group meetings. On the upper level, a library and a nursery can be used for such meetings. Rooms would accommodate between 10 to 15 people each.

Lower-level meeting area – a medium-sized space with a kitchenette is available on the lower level for meetings. Accommodates up to 30 – 40 people, depending on table and chair configuration.

Large foyer (narthex) – For an evening meeting, our foyer can be used for meeting purposes accommodating about 20 people.

The church building offers a wifi connection. Microphones and a sound system can also be arranged.  There are washrooms available for use on both levels and a lift is available for anyone with mobility issues or moving larger equipment.

Please note that the church forbids consumption of alcohol and smoking on the site.

Please email with specific questions concerning your request.


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