Gale’s Weekly Update – May 14, 2021





We are hoping to offer a half day summer VBS program this August 16-20 (mornings). 
Before we can proceed, we need to know if we will have enough volunteers to help run this.

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions,
please be in touch with Melanie by Friday, May 21.


We have added some new links to our Family & Kids’ Resource page on our website.



Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for something to do to pass the time.

* Take a road trip from the comfort of your couch
* Check out animals from around the world by watching Live Web Cameras that have been set up
* Fun things to do on Zoom
* LEGO Building Challenge printable cards
* Story Starters and Boredom Busters
* Roll some Brain Breaks


Do you have a favourite bible verse/picture of spring that is giving you hope during the pandemic?

Consider sharing it in the next issue of our newsletter, Gale Gatherings.

Email your verse and/or photo to:

Deadline for submissions:  May 20


Gale’s Prayer Tree – a beautiful image of prayer
If you have any prayer requests, you can email them to:

A piece of yarn will be added to our Prayer Tree in the sanctuary for prayer requests during the season of Lent.  If you have a specific colour to accompany your prayer, please include that detail.

Church News

Join us online each Sunday for a pre-recorded worship service, available on our YouTube channel

Gale remains closed during the province-wide shutdown and staff can be contacted by email or phone.  See staff contact info at the bottom of this message.

Click on the following links to find out more:

** Ways to Give

** Online Church Services

** Family & Kids’ Resources

** Ways to Stay Connected

Try not to laugh!

What is a little bear with no teeth is called?  (A gummy bear)

What do you call a noodle that is fake? (An im-pasta)

What’s an alligator in a vest called? (An investi-gator)

What’s the best way to throw a birthday party on Mars? (You planet)

What is cheese that doesn’t belong to you called? (Nacho cheese!)

What’s one way we know the ocean is friendly? (It waves)

Why is Cinderella so bad at playing football? (She runs away from the ball)

What’s a really sad strawberry called? (A blueberry)

What’s one animal you’ll always find at a baseball game? (A bat)

What’s a pirate’s favorite class to take in school? (Arrrrrt)

Staff Contacts:

Rev. Scott Sinclair

Richard McFadden

Melanie Dow

Janice Malloy



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