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SERMON SHORT FOR February 14th, 2021

SERMON SHORT FOR February 14th, 2021


Psalm 83, Luke 21:25-33


          This week the request from two people is: “I’ve always wanted to hear a sermon about … The second coming of Christ.” This is not an easy topic since so much popular media has promoted a violent Armageddon and Calamity leading up to “the end of all things.” I don’t find that in my understanding of God’s love for the world.

These things I know:

God who loved us into being does not play cruelly with the universe.

God who creates us for community does not play pre-determination with those very creatures.

God whose glory we have glimpsed in the face of Jesus Christ, is the God who is with us and for us in our birth, our life, in death and eternity.

In Jesus Christ we see that God’s victory over evil and death is not by might, but by weakness, not by weapons but by suffering. Christ took upon himself our griefs, our sorrows and transgressions, and taught us the way of peace.

The Holy Spirit confirms in our heart that the divine plan for the whole of creation is mending, healing, redemption.


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