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SERMON SHORT FOR June 6th, 2021

SERMON SHORT FOR June 6th, 2021


1st Samuel 8:4–22, Mark 3:20–35

            In today’s story from our ancient history we hear the people demand that Samuel appoint a king over them so “that we also may be like other nations.” Despite this being a personal affront on Samuel’s or God’s leadership, God grants the request, but not before giving a warning that the people may not be getting exactly what they bargained for.

          God let’s us have our rulers, the ones we choose, and God calls us to take ownership of those decisions. Kings, queens, prime minister and yes, clergy leaders come and go. God reminds us, throughout the history of the people, throughout the Gospel of the Saviour, and throughout the discussions of the letters, all these powers are fleeting, these authorities pass, the nations crumble and the only sure thing to peg our hopes for security on, is His sovereignty in our lives.

   Let God rule us. Let the Holy Spirit guide us.


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