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SERMON SHORT FOR March 14th, 2021

SERMON SHORT FOR March 14th, 2021


Numbers 21:4-9, John 3: 14-21, Psalm 103:1-3, 17-22

          It’s a peculiar thing in our bible stories that often the blessings for God’s people are also the downfall of God’s people. Water created and formed the world. Then water destroyed it in the flood. The law gave the people identity and community. It also brought with it condemnation for the failure of the people to uphold it. God ordained David to rid the Israelite kingdom of its despotic ruler, Saul. But God had given the people Saul in the first place.

          And then in the desert wandering of the people, serpents brought pestilence and death, and then brought health and salvation. The snake represent evil and destruction but also healing and creativity.

         What are we to make of this?

         We may see in Christ our condemnation because we are not like him. Look closer until you see our salvation because we are his reason for being. It was not for condemnation that he came, but for love.


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