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SERMON SHORT FOR February 7th, 2021

SERMON SHORT FOR February 7th, 2021


Psalm 119:33-40, Matthew 5:1-16

          This Sunday we will look back on the year that was. From dumpster fires to the election of America’s first female vice president; from murder hornets to vaccine releases; from restaurant closures to Amazon boom – 2020 will never be forgotten.

          And for us? Gale Presbyterian Church, Elmira? It was a year that was. Closed, then opened, then closed. Live broadcast services and pre-recorded services. Cancelled luncheons and still 1,500 apple pies. Sermons from the pulpit and from the forest and from the pig barn. It was quite a year.

          We have much to celebrate. We have much to lament. But through all we have done, we have had God with us. We are blessed.

Following worship we will gather over Zoom to conduct our Annual General Meeting.


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