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SERMON SHORT FOR January 31st, 2021

SERMON SHORT FOR January 31st, 2021


Luke 7:1-10, Micah 4:1-5, Psalm 133

Another entry in our “I’ve always wanted to hear a sermon about …”

“I would like to hear about non-believers and what God has planned for them.”

There have been billions of humans experience life on this planet. Will only a select few see eternal bliss and all the rest suffer in agony and punishment forever? How is that of any value to the creator?  How can a god who plans this still claim to be a loving God?

I find in the Bible that God – the one with the authority to actually decide, is pretty open to everyone. Jesus’ message is of love, peace, unending forgiveness and joy. I cannot reconcile a God of love and a creator that condemns parts of creation to eternal torment.

In a contest between the two concepts – Love Wins.


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