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SERMON SHORT FOR June 13th, 2021

SERMON SHORT FOR June 13th, 2021


Colossians 3:12-14, Matthew 13:24-32

         Jesus tells a parable: things are not perfect in God’s garden, some weeds have cropped up. Some evil is present. In gardening season you know to eradicate the bad stuff as soon as possible. It’s not supposed to be there. Get it out. That makes sense. In religion we know to shun the bad stuff, eradicate the wrong-doers, purify the flock.

          But the gardener in this parable sees it differently. The bad things are part of the process, part of the reality of the environment. This gardener seems OK with leaving things be, knowing they work out in the end. God seems to accept a degree of imperfection in his garden. We strive and fail to be perfect, yet God continues to love and accept us – as souls and as communities of Christ. God accepts imperfection. Because it somehow works out in the end.


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